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Corporations videos

We have a compelling collection of films in this section which act as a guide to the terrible record of the leading GM corporations in relation to public and employee safety and protection, regulatory compliance, and customer care. Look out too for some vibrant and colourful protests.

The big daddy of all the films about the GM corporations is The World According to Monsanto. If you haven't seen this superb documentary, check out this great review.

Monsanto the Murdering Monopoly

Condensed history and evaluations of the many controversies surrounding The Monsanto Company. Monsanto is gaining too much power over the food supply, they are taking away rights of farmers and consumers, creating negative impacts on the environment and on human health. It is time we do something about it. (Total time 19:57)

Monsanto Plant Shut Down By Activists

Action group Round Up Monsanto successfully shut down the main Monsanto plant in the Netherlands, formally De Ruiter Seeds. Forty activists chained themselves to the entrance gate at the wake of day and prevented personnel from entering the office buildings and greenhouses. (Time 4:42)

Dr Joseph Mercola interviews Dr Philip Bereano on GMOs

Dr Philip Bereano is a Professor Emeritus at the University of Washington and an engaged activist concerning genetically modified (GM) foods. His academic work is within Technology and Public Policy, and over the past 30 years, Dr Bereano's work has focused on genetically engineered organisms (GMOs) in foods, crops and animals, as well as human genetic engineering issues. He is currently active in the AGRA Watch Project, which has as its objectives to monitor the Gates Foundation's participation in the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) and challenge its emphasis on high-tech industrial agriculture, including GMOs. It has been working with African partners since its very beginning – hosting speakers in Seattle, putting on a joint workshop at an international UN event, gathering information and doing research in Africa, and supporting capacity-building in Africa. (Total time: 1:18:28)

Ronnie Cummins delivers Angry Mermaid Award to Monsanto

Ronnie Cummins of the Organic Consumers Association explains why Monsanto won the Angry Mermaid Award for the worst corporate climate criminal. Monsanto contributes to climate change by producing the chemical-dependent genetically engineered crops that are part of the reason the industrial food system spews 44-57% of greenhouse gas emissions. (Time: 5:35)

Monsanto Voted Top Anti-Environmental Corporate Lobbyist

On the sidelines of the summit, a group of environmental groups have bestowed the mock Angry Mermaid award to highlight corporations trying to thwart efforts against global warming. The biotech giant Monsanto finished in first place, followed by the oil giant Royal Dutch Shell and the oil lobby the American Petroleum Institute. (Time: 0:56)

Angry Mermaid Award Launched for Corporate Lobbying

Environmentalists in Copenhagen say that efforts to save the planet may be circumvented by corporate lobbyist groups. They have formulated the "ANGRY MERMAID" award, naming nominees and allowing online voters to choose which corporate lobby has wreaked the most damage. (Time: 1:42)

The World According to Monsanto

The World According to Monsanto is an in-depth documentary that looks at the domination of the agricultural industry by one of the world’s most insidious and powerful companies. This is a powerful, must-see film for anyone interested in the behind-the-scenes world of the food industry, and shows how just one world-dominating corporation holds the keys and patents to much of the world's food supply. (Time 1:49:01)

Percy Schmeiser: David versus Monsanto

Imagine that a storm blows across your garden and that now, genetically-manipulated seeds are in your crops. A multi-national corporation pay you a visit, demand that you surrender your crops – and then sue you for $200 000 for the illegal use of patented, GM seeds. In this definitive David and Goliath battle, one farmer stands up against a massive multinational, and their right to claim ownership to a living organism. A film by Bertram Verhaag. (Time 01:05:44)

The Horror of Agent Orange

Over a ten year period from 1961 to 1971 American forces in Vietnam sprayed 80 million litres of chemicals. These included the Agent Orange, now internationally known for its continuous damage. It has caused devastation to the land, the forest, the lakes and particularly to the people of Vietnam. (Time 3:51)