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For many years, Prof Gilles-Eric Séralini and the team at CRIIGEN, France have been at the cutting edge of public interest research on the health effects of genetically modified foods and their associated pesticides.

In 2012 the team published research showing that a commercialised GM maize and tiny amounts of Roundup, the pesticide it is grown with, caused severe organ damage, increased tumours, and premature death in rats over a long-term period.

The research met with the kind of relentless attacks that we have come to expect from pro-GM lobbyists.

The scientific criticisms have been answered in detail here – and by Séralini’s team in the same journal that published his original research.

The CRIIGEN team urgently needs funds in order to continue their research.

Prof Gilles Eric Seralini and his CRIIGEN research team

Public interest research is starved of funds by governments, which increasingly will only fund projects that corporations provide half the funds for. This means that only commercial research gets off the ground. The CRIIGEN team depends on people like you in order to continue their work.

Séralini and the CRIIGEN team also need funds to pay the costs of court cases to challenge groups and individuals who have levelled libellous attacks against them and their work.

While it should not be necessary for honest scientists to go to court to defend their names and reputations, the reality is that even the most unjustified accusations damage careers and funding opportunities. Court judgments are useful to set the record straight.

Séralini won a previous court case he brought against pro-GM lobbyists for defamation.

Please give generously to support CRIIGEN's research: